Valkyrie Connect Tier List [February] 2023: Best Characters

Are you looking to pick the best heroes in Valkyrie Connect but don’t know much about the heroes? Then don’t worry; we will help you out in choosing the best heroes in Valkyrie Connect as we are presenting the Valkyrie Connect Tier List that we have created after a lot of research and deep analysis of individual heroes. This Valkyrie Connect Tier List is up to date.

Valkyrie Connect Tier List
Valkyrie Connect Tier List


Valkyrie Connect

Valkyrie Connect is a Japanese RPG anime game based in Norse mythology. The game was initially released on 9th June 2016; since then, it has become more popular, with approximately 20 million downloads worldwide. The game was developed and published by Ateam. You can play this game on iOS, Android, and Windows. The game features a number of heroes that players can collect and also upgrade them as well. It also features the Raid Battles with a number of players up to 20. With Strategic battles against giants that play out automatically, surely a perfect game to play.

Valkyrie Connect
Valkyrie Connect

Valkyrie Connect Tier List [February] 2023

Valkyrie Connect features tons of heroes. It becomes difficult for the players which heroes to select from the long list of heroes. That is why we have created the Valkyrie Connect Tier List. The heroes of Valkyrie Connect are placed in five different tiers, namely S, A, B, C, and D tiers, such that the best characters are placed in the S tier, and the worst are placed in the D tier. Let’s see all the tiers heroes one by one.

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The heroes in the S tier list of Valkyrie Connect are the best heroes of the game. They have brilliant stats, utility, and great coordination with other team members making coveted units in a match.

Omnicatalyst SortishiaMagic
Catalyst SortishiaMagic
Vindicator SeraphielMagic
Catalyst AlfanaMagic
Holy Night SortishiaMagic
Dragon Girl NuutMelee
Awakened Shalltear BloodfallenMelee
Vindicator ManagarmRanged
Sloth Scion VelfellRanged

Catalyst Sortishia

Catalyst Sortishia is a girl of the Human race, sealed within Yggdrasil. She has the potential to change her fate and manipulate memory. She is of Magic type with skill elements as Light. She is in Alter Saga category and creates MATK Damage type.

Catalyst Sortishia
Catalyst Sortishia


The heroes in the A tier list of Valkyrie Connect are very good heroes but not superior to S tier heroes. They also have good stats and utility but are a little bit lower than S-tier heroes. You can win a match by picking up the heroes from this tier.

Vindicator BorrMagic
Vindicator GefionMagic
Titan-Attacking DielleMagic
Awakened NarberalMagic
Wave Daughter BylgjaMagic
Star Saint NoaMagic
Vindicator FotmaMelee
Bird God XingfuMelee
Infected SifMelee
Awakened EsquireRanged
Catalyst VerosaRanged
Awakened LeviRanged
Terrible TornadoRanged
Awakened Vampire Lord EvileyeRanged

Vindicator Fotma

Vindicator Fotma is a girl of the Dwarf race. She is chaperoned by a strange black monster. She looks innocent from the outside, but in reality, she carries deep darkness inside her. She is of Melee type with the Earth as a skill element. She is in the Apocalyse Burst category and creates the ATK Damage type.

Vindicator Fotma
Vindicator Fotma


The heroes in the B tier of Valkyrie Connect are above-average heroes. The heroes are good, but a few flaws decrease the overall impact. However, they have the potential to defeat the opposition once they are properly set up with sufficient investment.

Omnipotent ViliMagic
Catalyst ViliMagic
Sunlight God SolMagic
Catalyst ElineigeMagic
Shrine Girl KannaMagic
Jolly Caroler MikuMagic
Creation God IzanagiMelee
Vindicator ThrymMelee
Tortoise God GuangmeiMelee
Red God FreyMelee
Vindicator ValtusMelee
Awakened Mavis VermillionRanged
Mad Pumpkin MogthrasirRanged
Time Knight ChrossyRanged
Catalyst MelverynRanged
Summer Scion FriggRanged
Vindicator HrimthursRanged

Time Knight Chrossy

Time Knight Chrossy is a female of the Human race. She is a member of that group that is responsible for controlling the flow of time. She is of Ranged type. She is in the Limited category and creates the ATK Damage type.

Time Knight Chrossy
Time Knight Chrossy


The heroes in the C tier of Valkyrie Connect are average characters that are neither so good nor so bad. They don’t provide that kind of resistance as S or A tier heroes but can be effective in the match.

Deceased God IzanamiMagic
Awakened Bewitching CS Mage LucyMagic
Awakened Valkyrie MikuMagic
Fairy CeniaMagic
Star God KaworuMagic
Catalyst SanngridMelee
Catalyst BergelmirMelee
Awakened RoveriaMelee
Judging God ForsetiMelee
Imperial Knight ViolaMelee
Mistletoe Wielder MistelRanged
Dark Beast Tamer LuceRanged
Awakened Lustful Succubus AlbedoRanged
Valkyrie HerjaRanged
Raindropper PasoRanged
Sun God AsukaRanged
Catalyst MorpheaRanged

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Fairy Cenia

Fairy Cenia is a female of the Therian race. She lives in a fairy village in Alfheim. Luflit is a childhood friend of hers. She loved to sing, but due to an accident when the fire damaged her throat, since then she has been unable to sing. She is of magic type with Earth as a skill element. She is in the Limited category and creates MATK damage type.

Fairy Cenia
Fairy Cenia


The heroes in the D tier of Valkyrie Connect are the worst heroes. They won’t stand out in PvP when against the other tier heroes and are not fruitful heroes. Use these heroes when you don’t have any option left, otherwise, try to neglect them.

Characters Type
Spirit Master GaiaMagic
Valkyrie RotaMagic
Gatherer AludraMagic
Erza ScarletMelee
Prison Empress AvenciaMelee
Awakened UlinMelee
Vindicator CelestiaMelee
Sunny Summer NoaRanged
Dual Horn RaspiRanged
Acrobat KururuRanged
Dark Star HelblindiRanged
Pirate LoroneRanged
Musician MusikaRanged
Boar God KubiraRanged

Prison Empress Avencia

Prison Empress Avencia is a female of the Elf Race. She is a very cruel warden of a prison located in Midgard. She is of Melee type, with Dark as a skill element. She is in the Limited category and creates an ATK damage type.

Prison Empress Avencia
Prison Empress Avencia

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So this is all about Valkyrie Connect Tier List. Use this tier list and make a great combination of heroes that are hard to defeat for any opposition. Share this Valkyrie Connect tier list with your friends who play Valkyrie Connect and help them in creating a good team in a match. Stay connected with for a tier list of other games.

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