[Solved] How to Fix Steam Content File Locked in 2022

Is your Steam Content File Locked? Are you not able to unlock steam content files? If these are some of your questions then yes this article is a problem solver for all of your steam content file problems.

Fix Steam Content File Locked
Fix Steam Content File Locked

Developed by Valve, Steam is a video game digital distribution service.  Steam service is available in 28 languages and on five different platforms named Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Steam gaming service was introduced in 2003 and has been a hit since then. With millions of users visiting these platforms every month for gaming, it is one of the fastest-growing gaming platforms of the present time. Though it is one of the many secure platforms available for gaming, on contrary it can face errors too. It is not a specific error that the steam platform faces and none other than that. Many errors had occurred in games in the past, one of them is the Steam content file locked error. Everything that you want to know about this error is given below.

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What is a Steam Content File?

Among gamers, Steam is known as the best platform for gaming in the present time. It is the case because the platform is highly compatible with the systems and the massive library of games makes it easy to keep all your content in a single place. It is easy to coordinate time with friends on Steam and you can even join groups of like-minded gamers there.  The Steam Content file in Steam is the file that contains all the files related to your game in one place.

steam content file
steam content file

This Steam Content needs to be updated with time when there is any update in the game. This file is essential as it keeps all your game data and any harm to this file can be a bad experience to that particular game. If your content file of the game on Steam gets corrupted or locked you might need to go through a short process to get this error fixed. All the essential steps required to solve this error are given below.

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Steam VR Content File Locked

Steam VR Content file locked error is seed when the files needed to access the VR effect in the games cannot process the request. It is one of the few errors that we face on Steam that can hamper our VR experience if encountered. Like all other errors, this error can also be resolved easily. The basic way to get rid of this error is to delete all the files you have in this folder. It is one of the few solutions that can help you. If this is not of any help, then you can also other available methods.

What Causes Steam Content File locked?

The root cause of the error appearing on Steam is that it does not allow updating different games. In other words, Steam cant access the files it needs to update. This situation arises due to a problem with the permissions. There are various factors included that do not allow Steam to either download the game or update the game. If the permission is not given to a platform then it is not able to do the task that it is made for, so permission is something that is considered as the most important thing to perform the task. There are a lot of ways that this permission issue can be fixed and they are listed below.

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How to Fix Steam content file locked in 2022

Steam content file locked can be resolved using various steps, they all are given below, but to use the right step we to find what is causing the issue. So you must first find out what particularly is causing the error. One of the below-given steps will surely solve the Steam Content File Locked Error for you.

[Solved] How to Fix Steam Content File Locked
[Solved] How to Fix Steam Content File Locked
Methods to Unlock Steam Content File Locked
Reset Winsock
Check Antivirus/
Disable Antivirus
Clear Steam
Download Cache
Perform a Disk Scan
Repair Corrupt File
Run Steam As Administrator
Relocate Steam Installation and Game Files
Restart Steam
Uninstall/Re-Install Steam

Solution 1: Reset Winsock

Winsock or otherwise known as Windows Socket API defines how the system should handle the networks. By resetting Winsock, you can restore Steam’s connection to your system and its servers to allow proper updates. To ensure that this task is done properly, open the Command Prompt with administrative privileges. After this type, “netsh winsock reset” and then press “Enter”. Now restart the computer to see the changes.

Reset Winsock
Reset Winsock

Solution 2: Check Antivirus/ Disable Antivirus

It may be possible that in many situations Antivirus causes problems by being overprotective and stopping Steam from performing updates. If this is the matter, you should disable your Antivirus temporarily and download the files, after everything is done properly, you enable it again as it should not be disabled all the time.

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Solution 3: Clear Steam Download Cache

The download cache in Steam works like any other cache. On one side it makes it easy for us to access files stored in the cache, while on the other side errors can also accumulate, resulting in failed updates and the content files locked error. Open Stem, click Steam>Settings>Download and click on clear download cache. Restart the Steam and the error will be fixed.

Clear Steam Download Cache
Clear Steam Download Cache

Solution 4: Perform a Disk Scan

The disk scan helps you in checking your system for errors and resolves them if it can.

  • Search for Command Prompt.
  • Right-click the start menu and select Run as administrator.
  • Type  chkdsk c:/f and Click Enter.
  • Type to confirm the scheduling.
  • Restart your computer to begin the test.
  • After your computer completes the disk scan, your system will boot as normal.

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Solution 5: Repair Corrupt Files

If the files are said to be locked in the error, it is highly possible that either the previous files that you have downloaded got corrupted and are not allowing the new files to replace them or the new files that you are trying to upload are corrupt. In any of these cases, just try installing the files again from the source and this helps you with the problem.

Repair Corrupt Files
Repair Corrupt Files

Solution 6: Run Steam As Administrator

To fix this you can also run Steam as an Administrator. Right-click the Steam icon and choose properties. Then go to compatibility and beneath the settings menu, click “Run this program as an Administrator”.After this, each time you start Steam it will run with Administrator privileges, even if you start it by clicking an installed game icon.

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Solution 7: Relocate Steam Installation and Game Files

If there is any interruption during the copying process, it may corrupt the files, hence you would have to resort to reinstalling the client again.

  • Navigate your Steam client and click on settings.
  • Select “Download” and click on “Steam Library folders”.
  • Click on “Add Library Folder” and select a new path where you want steam to be located.
  • This will define a future path for all the installations to take place.
  • Now we will be moving to move existing Steam files to the path you selected.
  • Exit the Steam client.
  • Navigate to your current Steam directory.
  • Delete all the files and folders except Steam Apps and User data folders. 
  • Also don’t delete exe.
  • Cut all the folders and paste them to the new directory, you have just chosen above.
  • Launch Steam and Re-login.
Relocate Steam Installation and Game Files
Relocate Steam Installation and Game Files

Solution 8: Restart Steam

The most basic of all the solutions that you can try is reinstalling Steam again. It is possible that the error you have just encountered might be on time only and won’t appear again when you visit Steam. For this, you can log out of your Steam account. Now, restart Steam and log in to your account again. It is possible that this solution can help you.

Solution 9: Uninstall/ReInstall Steam

There is a slight chance that the problem can be with Steam itself. If nothing works for you, then you can just log out of your account and uninstall Steam. After a few minutes later, you can Re-Install Steam again. It is a possibility that you will not face the error again.

Uninstall ReInstall Steam
Uninstall ReInstall Steam

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What does “content file locked” mean on steam?
Answer: It means that you will be able to either download or update the specific file that you want to take action on.

FAQ 2: How to fix steam content file locked cyberpunk 2077?

  • By verifying game files
  • Run Steamas administrator
  • Reinstall the game

FAQ 3: How do I clear my Steam cache?
Answer: The Steam cache clearing process is given briefly and you should follow those steps to easily clear your Steam cache.

FAQ 4: Can I transfer Steam games to another hard drive without losing any data?
Answer: Yes, it is possible that you can transfer Steam games to another hard drive without losing any data.

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This is all about How to Fix Steam Content File Locked. If you have any other method which is not listed in the article, you can share it freely with the help of the comment section which is given down below. Also, do share this article with your friends over social media platforms.

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