Rune Factory 5 Release Date, Story, Pricing, Trailer & News

If you are very passionate about playing video games, especially adventure, and fighting simulation games then definitely you are waiting for a new sequel to the Rune Factory series. We are going to talk about the new sequel of Rune factory that is Rune Factory 5 that is developed by Hakama and published by Marvelous. Here in this article, we will provide all about Rune factory 5 including Rune Factory 5 release date, the latest news, price, characters, and much more.

Rune Factory 5 Release Date20 May 2021: Japan
22 March 2022: North America
25 March 2022: Europe
Rune Factory 5 PlatformsNintendo Switch
Rune Factory 5 PriceEarthmate Edition: $79.99 (Expected)
Deluxe Version: $69.99 (Expected)
Rune Factory 5 CharactersAres, Alice, Priscilla, Scarlett, Lucy, Fuuka, Ludmila, Beatrice, Reinhard, etc
Rune Factory 5
Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 Story

In the earlier series of Rune factory, Players build social relations with bachelors or with bachelorettes and married to them. The heroes lose their memory and join the rangers group as a new life working in the Rigbarth town for the maintenance of peace in the town and fighting against the monsters and saving the girl.

After that, they are invited to the SEED, a security organization. To maintain peace in the town protagonist involve in various activities, including tending the farm, casting a line in the nearest river, and many other things to ensure peace in the town and protect the people of Rigbarth town from monster attacks.

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Rune Factory 5 Release Date

Marvelous has released Rune factory 5 in Japan only, on 20 May 2021. The game has not been released in other parts of the world, but it is going to be released worldwide in March 2022. Marvelous has officially announced that the game will be available to the rest of the world by March 2o22 although the Japanese can play this game on Nintendo Switch as it has been released in Japan in May 2021.

Rune Factory 5 Release Date
Rune Factory 5 Release Date

Is Rune Factory 5 coming to PC?

Well, Marvelous has announced that Rune Factory 5 will be launched in March 2022 for Nintendo Switch. In Japan, it has been released for Nintendo Switch only. The game is not available on other platforms including PC, Playstation, and Xbox, but later on, it can be available for other platforms too. Earlier Rune factory was available for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Windows. So it is expected the game will be available for other consoles later on.

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Rune Factory 5 Pricing

XSeed Games has announced that the Rune factory “Earthmate Edition” will be launched in March 2022 for Nintendo Switch. The Expected price for the Rune factory 5 Earthmate Edition is $79.99 and for the Deluxe Version, it will be $69.99 and will be exclusively available on Nintendo eShop. XSeed Games also confirmed that the pre-order of Rune factory “Earthmate Edition” will be available on the XSeed Game store and associated Rune factory game retailers. If a user purchases the Earthmate edition then they will get the physical copy of the game with a steel box case. A soft back art book and also “Melodies of Norad” 15-track soundtrack CD.

Rune Factory 5 Image
Rune Factory 5 Image

Rune Factory 5 News

Rune Factory’s final date of release has been announced by Xseed Games after releasing the Game in May 2021 in Japan. The game will be available in North America from March 22, 2022, and in Europe from March 25, 2022, only on Nintendo Switch Consoles. Rune factory 5 will be released in Earthmate Edition and Digital Deluxe versions and users can play from March 22, 2022, only on Nintendo switch.

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Rune Factory 5 Characters

Rune Factory 5 is about saving a Rigbarth town from a monster’s attack. The protagonist along with the villagers fights against the monsters in order to maintain peace in the town. Here is the list of the main characters.

Rune Factory 5 CharactersRole
Ares Protagonist
Alice Protagonist
Scarlett Bachelorette
Priscilla Bachelorette
Fuka Bachelorette
Ludmila Bachelorette
Reinhard Bachelor
Martin Bachelor
Cecile Bachelor
Murakumo Bachelor
Lucas Bachelor
Ryker Bachelor
Livia Villager
Gandage Villager
Oswald Villager
Hina Villager
Simone Villager
Terry Villager
Julian Villager
Randolph Villager
Elsje Villager
Misasagi Villager
Yuki Villager
Dogu Villager
Heinz Villager
Palmo Villager
Laedia Villager
St. Eliza Villager
Ellis Child
Ivel Child
Conan Child
Erika Child
Iris Child
Colette Child
Margaret Guest
Doug Guest


He is the main male protagonist. He lost his memory and is welcomed by the people of Rigbarth after he saved a girl from a monster attack. Then he joined “Seed” a security group.

Rune factory 5 Ares
Rune factory 5 Ares


She is the main female protagonist. She also lost her memory like Ares and was welcomed by the people of Rigbarth after she saved a young girl. She is always eager to help needy people.

Rune factory 5 Alice
Rune factory 5 Alice


She is a bachelorette. She is a very sweet and innocent girl who often makes mistakes. Because she is innocent people forgive her easily. She is afraid to step out of the town because an unpleasant happed to her in the past.

Rune factory 5 Priscilla
Rune factory 5 Priscilla


She is a bachelorette. She is the daughter of the mayor of the town. She is the childhood friend of Priscilla. She is the rival of both Ares and Alice when they entered the town.

Rune factory 5 Lucy
Rune factory 5 Lucy

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These are some important characters of Rune Factory 5. Other characters are Livia, Hina, Simone, Terry, Darroch, Palmo Creacie de Sainte-Coquille, Julian, Randolph, Yuki, Elsje, Misasagi, Heinz, Gideon, and Oswald.

This is all about the Rune Factory 5 and Rune Factory 5 Release Date. We hope you got all information about it. If want to ask anything about this game don’t hesitate to comment down below and also subscribe to our social media handle for more gaming updates.

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