Razer Phone 3 Release Date, Price, Specs & Rumors [2022]

Razer Phone 3 release date is still unknown but there are a lot of things that are going around and experts put their views on the upcoming  Razer Phone 3 including its specification, features, and a lot, that you must know.

Razer Phone 3 Release Date
Razer Phone 3 Release Date

Science has given us game-changing technology and you can’t put phones away from that list. The launching of phones tremendously changed a lot of things, whether in terms of connectivity, communication, allowing the user to share data, pictures files, and provide access to a number of applications. There are a number of Phones which you can prefer to buy according to your need, but if you are looking especially for gaming purposes then here we have a gaming smartphone for you. We are talking about Razer Phone. Most of the gamers are using Razer Phone for games, but now they are waiting for the new Razer Phone model that is Razer Phone 3. Although Razer Phone 3 Release Date has not been confirmed yet, a lot of things are there regarding this phone that you should know.

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About Razer Phone

If you are more inclined towards smartphone gaming or spent time in it then you must hear about Razer Phone. Razer Phone is basically an android based Phablet. It is designed and developed by famous technology company Razer Inc. which is famous for developing gaming hardware like Razer Phone. The company has released the very first Razer Phone in 2017 with Cheryl as a codename. Although Razer phones are specifically made for gaming, users can bring them for everyday use.

Razer Phone 3 Image rumor
Razer Phone 3 Image rumor

The Razer Phone 2 made its entry in the very next year in 2018 when Razer Inc announced Razer Phone 2 that has come with an improved camera and screen, has the feature of wireless charging and chroma lighting. Now Razor Inc is looking to bring Razer Phone 3 and in this article, we are going to talk about it.

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Razer Phone 2 VS Razer Phone 3

For the moment we can’t make an exact comparison between Razer Phone 2 and Razer Phone 3 because it hasn’t been released yet. We can only predict what Razer Inc. can bring in its very next Razer Phone model. Coming to Razer Phone 2, the phone comes with 5.72 inches, IGZO IPS LCD, 120Hz display with 1440 x 2560 resolution. The OS is Android 8.1 (Oreo) which is upgradable to Android 9.0 (Pie). Further, it has Snapdragon 845 processor. It has an 8 GB Ram and 4000 mAh battery. It comes with Gorilla Glass 5 that provides protection to display.

Razer Phone 3 Image Online
Razer Phone 3 Image Online

Now coming to Razer Phone 3, we are expecting the two models of different display sizes but come with a 144Hz AMOLED Display. If you talk about RAM, we are expecting the same RAM as it is in Razer Phone 2. Razer Phone 3 might come with the same battery of 4000 mAh as in Razer Phone 2. A rumor regarding this model is that it might come with a mobile controller.

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Razer Phone 3 Release Date

Razer Phone 3 release date is still not clear, and we are lacking an official announcement over the Razer Phone 3 release date. In 2019, Company laid off some of its members and shut down some of its projects. Experts made comments on this, saying the design and development of Razer Phone 3 could be on the list of canceled projects. Although the company didn’t reply anything on this but said they are committed to the Phone. But according to some leaks, Razer Phone users will get Razer Phone 3 Release Date very soon.

Razer Phone 3 Release Date
Razer Phone 3 Release Date

Razer Phone 3 Price

Razer Inc. has not commented anything on Razer Phone 3 release date, the same does on the Razer Phone 3 price. We have to wait for an official statement on the price of this phone. We are expecting, if it comes it will cost you around $800.

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Razer Phone 3 Specifications

Coming to Razer Phone 3 specification, we are expecting the same display size but might come with an AMOLED panel. We are expecting some changes in-camera as well as in the processor. These are speculations and to be proved right, we have to wait for any official announcement from the company.

Razer Phone 3 Specifications
Razer Phone 3 Specifications

Razer Phone 3 Camera

The camera of Razer phone 2 is good but we may see a major improvement in front as well rear camera in Razer Phone 3 which might be 12Mp and 48Mp respectively. It is also expected that Razer Phone 3 comes with a triple rear camera.

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Razer Phone 3 Design

Coming to design, Razer Phone 2 has a good design that attracted the user. The company doesn’t like to change the design of the upcoming Razer Phone 3 and keep it as of Razer Phone 2 with some minor changes as there was a positive response from the users on Razer Phone 2 design.

razer phone 3 images
razer phone 3 images

Razer Phone 3 Display

Razer Inc. may come with the same display size as in Razer Phone 2. Razer Phone 2 has 5.76 inches IGZO IPS LCD display with 2560 x 1440 resolution. Overall Razer Phone 2 display is good for gaming but it is possible that the company might shift from LCD to AMOLED Display keeping all other things the same.

Razer Phone 3 Trailer

There is no official Razer Phone 3 Trailer released by the company. But there is some concept trailer. These are uploaded from non-officials just for entertainment purposes.

Razer Phone 3 Rumors

Razer Phone 3 release date is far away but before its release, some rumors are going on. As there was news regarding the layoff of some members of the team, Some people are saying that this incident greatly affected the development of Razer Phone 3. Further, they are expecting a great delay in the release of Razer Phone 3 and expecting Razer Phone 3 Release Date around 2024 or even unable to see Razer Phone 3.

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This is all for the moment regarding Razer Phone 3. Stay connected for more updates on Razer Phone 3 and Razer Phone 3 release date and subscribe to our newsletter for more gaming updates.

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