How to Fix Sony PS5 Crashing in 2023 [Things You Should Know]

If you are a gamer and play your favorite games on Sony’s PlayStation 5, but you are facing continuous crashing of PS5 while playing games. Well, it is very frustrating when you enjoy your favorite game and suddenly your PS5 crashed, or sometimes the PS5 screen freezes or may PS5 shut down randomly. All these, PS5 crashing or freezing or shutting of PS4 surely spoil your mood.

How to Fix PS5 Crashing
How to Fix PS5 Crashing

If are continuously facing this error, then don’t worry, now you won’t suffer from any PS5 error problem as we are going to provide you the reason behind the PS5 error as well as list the best possible fixes of Sony’s PS5 crashing and let you know how to fix PS5 crashing.

Fix PS5 Crashing and Freezing
Fix PS5 Crashing and Freezing


Why is Sony PS5 Crashed so many times?

If your Sony’s PS5 gaming console is facing frequently crashing and freezing, there could be multiple reasons behind it. If your PS5 gaming system software is outdated it might result in the crashing of PS5. Apart from this overheating of PS5, the aggressive rest mode of PS5, or when the HDMI device link is enabled may cause a crashing problem. Sometimes Hardware problems and bugs in any game may create PS5 error.

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How to Fix Sony PS5 Crashing

Sony’s PS5 gaming console is one of the best gaming consoles to play games but generally, it is seen that the PS5 suffers from crashing and freezing problems. A number of problems have been reported by gamers or from those who used especially PS5 regarding PS5 crashing. There could be multiple reasons for the PS5 error crashing, but we have to move forward and look for the best solution to solve the PS5 crashing and freezing issue. Below are the best possible methods on how to fix PS5 crashing:

Method to Fix PS5 Crashing
Fix 1: Restart Your PlayStation 5
Fix 2: Rebuild PS5 Database
Fix 3: Disable Rest Mode
Fix 4: Check for Overheating of PS4
Fix 5: Factory Reset
Fix 6: Contact PlayStation Support

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Restart Your PlayStation 5

The first thing you can do for fixing PS5 crashing is to restart your PS5. A restart solves many issues which are undesirable or which are not good for the user’s perspective. It clears the RAM and also clears the cache which causes a slowdown of your PS5 or might create crashing and freezing problems. So always restart your PS5 when you are facing problems like crashing and freezing.

PS5 crashing fix by Restart
PS5 crashing fix by Restart

Rebuild PS5 Database

The other thing you must do is to rebuild the PS5 Database. What actually happens when you rebuild the PS5 database, it simply fixes the broken files, removed corrupted files, and arranged the files and folders in your PS5. It also cleans up HD/ SSD and improves the performance of your PS5. Sony itself suggested rebuilding the database on PlayStation consoles if someone is facing a PS5 error issue. Follow the steps which are given below to rebuild the PS5 database.

  • First, you need to pair the Ps5 Controller with a USB cable. and then press the PS button.
  • Now press the power button for about 6 to 7 seconds then you will hear a second beep sound.
  • After that, you will boot into the safe mode.
  • Now select the 5th option which shows “Rebuild database”.
  • Wait for some time, once the process is complete you will definitely come out with a PS5 error issue.
Rebuild Database to fix PS5 crashing
Rebuild Database to fix PS5 crashing

Disable Rest Mode

The next fix that can work for you to resolve the PS5 crashing is to Disable rest mode in your PS5. The rest mode feature comes as a power-saving mode that will take less power or we can say the power-consuming capacity of your PS5 turns down to a great extent. Some gamers experience PS5 error issues when their PS5 comes out of the rest mode. So it is suggested to you disable rest mode in your PlayStation 5. You can disable rest mode by following the steps that are given below:

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  • First, Open the PS5 Setting Menu.
  • Then go to the system option and select the “Power Saving” option.
  • Now select the” Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode” option
  • And finally, select the “Don’t Put in Rest Mode” option.
  • Then go back to the home screen and restart your PS5. 
PS5 Crashing fixing
PS5 Crashing fixing
PS5 crashing fix Disable Rest Mode
PS5 crashing fix Disable Rest Mode
Disable Rest mode in PS5
Disable Rest mode in PS5


Overheating of PS5 is one of the reasons for PS5 crashing. It’s not only for the PS5 but for every device. Overheating may result in PS5 crashing and freezing. There could be multiple reasons for overheating of your PS5 that might be poor airflow or dust may enter the console blocking the air vents. So you must take care of your console and protect it from overheating. Playing games in an open, clean, and cooler area can lower down the chances of overheating. Clear the air vents regularly and properly and don’t play games continuously for too much time on your PS5 in order to protect your PS5 from overheating.

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Factory Reset

The one thing you can do to fix PS5 crashing is to reset your PS5. Resetting might work for you but also keep in mind, once you factory reset your PS5 console all the games and game data in your PS5 will be deleted and you will not recover your data once the reset process is done. So make sure to back up your data on an external hard drive before starting the factory reset of your PS5. Follow the steps to factory reset your PS5:

  • Press and hold the PS5 power button. You will hear two beeps after 6 to 7 seconds.
  • Now enter the safe mode by pressing the PS button on the controller.  
  • Then Select the 6th option that is “Reset PS5”.
Factory Reset to Fix PS5 Crashing
Factory Reset to Fix PS5 Crashing

Contact PlayStation Support

If the above fixes don’t work to overcome the PS5 crashing or screen freezing problem then the problem might lie in your PS5. If the problem lies in your PS5 then immediately visit the official website of Sony or contact PlayStation support. Tell the PlayStation Support team about the PS5 error, they try to fix the crashing issue or you can also ask for the replacement of your PS5 with the new one.

We hope, you got how to fix PS5 crashing, and also hope all the methods for PS5 error works for you. Share this article with your friends and family members who possess PS5, this will also help them when they face PS5 crashing or freezing problems, and also subscribe to our social media handle for more fixes and gaming updates.

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