[SOLVED] Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to WiFi in 2023

Are you also facing a problem with your Nintendo Switch Console when your Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to WiFi? If yes, then this article is for you. Nintendo Switch is a handheld console that has many in-built games. The console has over four thousand games and has a memory of expansion capacity of up to 2TB.

The games in Nintendo can be played both in online and offline modes. To get access to its offline mode, you need to get its membership and regularly extend it. The console has both single-player mode and multiplayer mode features. Its multiplayer mode lets you play games with other players and connect with them through voice chats.

Nintendo Switch Won't Connect to Wifi
Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to Wifi

To connect to its multiplayer feature, one needs to connect the console to the Internet through Wifi. Many players have complained about the ‘Unable to connect to Network’ issue in recent times. This problem can have multiple reasons and multiple solutions as well. This article discusses all the possible reasons why the Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to Wifi and how you can solve this issue by yourself. 

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Reasons: Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect Wifi

Nintendo Switch Won't Connect Wifi
Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect Wifi

Let’s discuss the possible reasons why Nintendo Switch won’t connect to Wifi: 

  • Console firmware glitch: This is very common in Nintendo Switch and often makes it difficult for players to connect to the Wifi. The firmware glitch can be resolved by rebooting the console. Rebooting the console is the first step that should be taken if such a problem occurs. Switching off and then switching on the power button allows its RAM to function properly. This is one of the most effective ways to solve any problem with an electronic device.
  • DNS server error: sometimes, the wifi connectivity problem can occur due to the inability to connect to the specific DNS (Domain Name System) server. This problem can be solved by using another DNS server of a different company. 

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  • Router problem: The issue can be in the router itself that is not allowing Wifi to connect with your system. This issue can occur due to temporary files. Fixing and restating the router can solve the problem from the starter. This can be done by either switching on and then off or by plugging out and then plugging in the router’s switch.
  • Incompatible wifi Security Mode: The default security mode set on your console might be able to get your router’s support. It’s always better to change the default settings in this case. The way to solve this issue is discussed in detail below. 

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How to fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to Wifi in 2023

If your Nintendo Switch Won’t connect to Wifi, then you’ll miss a lot of things on the console. You will not be able to connect to its multiplayer mode, which is the most exciting thing about the console. Along with that, you won’t be able to get access to its voice chats. Plus, downloading titles will also not be possible without an Internet connection. In this scenario, it’s important to know the possible solutions. Let’s see how you fix the issue of Wifi on your Nintendo Switch console. 

How to fix Nintendo Switch Won't Connect Wifi
How to fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect Wifi
Fixes: Nintendo Switch Won't Connect Wifi
Fix 1: Update/Verify wifi Password.
Fix 2: Update DNS Settings 
Fix 3: Check Internet Connection
Fix 4: Change the Wireless Security Protocol 
Fix 5: Check Airplane Mode is On or Off
Fix 6: Restart the Router  

Update/Verify Wifi Password.

Updating or verifying passwords is self-explanatory. Suppose you’re entering the wrong password in your console, then it sure to not to connect to your Wifi. Ensure you have entered the correct password with all the caps locked and characters in place.

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Update DNS Settings 

If your internet service provider (ISP) cannot connect to the DNS because of a problem with the DNS server itself. Here are the steps to fix it: 

  • Step 1: Click on System Settings from the horizontal menu on the Nintendo Switch console.
  • Step 2: Then click on Internet and then on Internet Settings.
  • Step 3: Then choose the network address you’re using and click on Change Settings.
  • Step 4: Scroll down to DNS settings, access it, and click on Manual.
  • Step 5; Then type in the primary and secondary DNS codes and, respectively, and click on OK. 
Update DNS Settings 
Update DNS Settings

Check Internet Connection

Sometimes the problem can be in the network itself. Connect your Wifi to another device to check if the problem is in the network. If it shows a connectivity problem in other devices, you’ll have to wait until the network issue is fixed. 

Check Internet Connection
Check Internet Connection

Change the Wireless Security Protocol 

If your Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to Wifi then the next thing you can do is to change the wireless Security Protocol. Here are the steps to change the wireless security protocol on the Nintendo Switch console:

  • Step 1: Go to the system settings given in the horizontal menu at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Step 2: Then click on the Internet settings and then on change settings.
  • Step 3: Click on Security.
  • Step 4: Then change the Security protocol to WEP or WPA2.
  • Step 5: Type in your wifi password and See if your console connects to the Internet or not. 
Change Wireless Security Protocol 
Change Wireless Security Protocol

Check whether Airplane Mode is On or Off

This is also self-explanatory sometimes; the console can go into Airplane mode. When a device is in Airplane mode, it doesn’t connect to any network and becomes offline. Check if the Nintendo Switch console is offline; if yes, turn it off and try connecting to your Wifi. 

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Restart the Router  

Sometimes the router itself might create a problem that can be hard to identify and it results in Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to Wifi problem. The best way to fix this problem is to restart the router.

  • You can switch it off and then switch on the router’s button to restart it.
  • If your router doesn’t have an on/off button, plug off the router’s switch, wait 10-20 seconds, and plug in the switch again. Then see if your Nintendo Switch has connected to the Internet or not. 
Restart Router
Restart Router

So these are some best solutions that you can apply to solve Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to WiFi Problem. We hope one of the above fixes definitely helped you to solve the issue with Nintendo Switch. if Still, you are facing this problem then let us know by commenting in the comment box. Stay Connected with us for more gaming guides.

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