Injustice 3 Release Date, Story, Characters & Rumors [2022]

Here we are with a new post, related to a fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios “Injustice 3”. It is going to be the third installment of “Injustice” very soon. In this article, we will let you know about its Injustice 3 release date, the platforms on which the game will be available, different characters in the games, and the rumors about the game that are going around on social media platforms.

Injustice 3 Release Date2022 (Expected)
Injustice 3 PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch -(Expected)
Injustice 3 System RequirementsOperating System (OS) - Windows 7 64 bit/ Windows 10 64 bit.
Processor- Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5
Graphics- AMD Radeon R7 360X / Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti
RAM- 8 GB minimum
Injustice 3 TrailerFan made Trailer Available
Injustice 3 News
Injustice 3 News


Injustice 3 Release Date

Injustice: Gods Among Us is an action-fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios and Published by Warner Bros. The first part of Injustice was released in 2013 and was based on the fictional character world of DC Comics.  The second installment of Injustice was launched in 2017 and was considered to be one of the best fighting games of the decade. After the great success of part 1 and part 2 of injustice, the Gamer community is eagerly waiting for its new sequel but little is known about the Injustice 3 release date. No official statement was made regarding the Injustice 3 release date. Neither NetherRealm Studios nor Warner Bros gave any statement of its release.
In an interview, the Creative Director of Injustice said ” There is Something secret on which the team is working”.  It is difficult to tell the exact timing as we don’t have a launch date for our next game, and other factors are also involved with changing consoles” he added. So it is difficult to say the exact Injustice 3 release date, but it is expected to be launched by the end of 2021 or maybe at the beginning of 2022. Any confirmed news about the Injustice 3 release date will be updated here.
Injustice 3 Release Date
Injustice 3 Release Date

Injustice 3 for Playstation 5

Sony’s Playstation is a new generation electronic gaming console where one can play and enjoy various games. Everyone likes to play games on Playstation as it has a simple user interface and many other things which make it a better gaming console than others. Earlier Injustice series was available on Playstation, similarly, the Injustice fans are hoping for the release of Injustice 3 on Playstation 5. There is a high chance of the release of Injustice 3 on PS 5 as Injustice 2 was available on PS4.

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Injustice 3 for Xbox

If you are an Xbox console user and wanted to enjoy Injustice 3 on Xbox then you might get a chance to play this game on Xbox consoles. The previous past of Injustice which is Injustice 2 was made available for Xbox One and it is obvious that NetherRealm Studios will launch Injustice 3 for Xbox consoles and gaming consoles too. Xbox launched new series including Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S in 2020, so Injustice 3 might be available on Xbox series X and Xbox series S but might skip Xbox One console.

Injustice 3 Platforms
Injustice 3 Platforms

Injustice 3 for Nintendo Switch

Since the launching of the Nintendo Switch by Nintendo in 2017, this gaming console has failed to do well in the gaming console market or we can say it has failed to leave a great impact on the gamers community. If NetherRealm Studios make Injustice 3, available for Nintendo Switch then it is going to be good news for Nintendo switch console users. Although, the chances of the Injustice 3 release on the Nintendo Switch are quite low as earlier series of Injustice games (Injustice and Injustice 2) weren’t available on the Nintendo Switch, gaming experts expect the launching of  Injustice 3 on the Nintendo Switch.

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Injustice 3 for PC

The majority of the games are available on PC as it is one of the best platforms for gamers to play many games. Within the minimum required configuration, the PC allows gamers to play many games on their PC. Most of the games that launch are available for PC. The injustice series (Injustice and Injustice 2) isn’t the exception as well. The earlier part of Injustice was launched for PC along with other consoles. It is expected, that the forthcoming Injustice 3 will be available for PC.

Injustice 3 Image online
Injustice 3 Image online

Injustice 3 System Requirements

The previous parts of the Injustice series were available for PC, and Injustice 3 is also likely to be available for PC as well. If you want the upcoming Injustice 3 to be run smoothly on your PC so that you can enjoy this game, then your PC must compatible with the game. Here are the following minimum system requirements for Injustice 3:

  • Operating System (OS) – Windows 7 64 bit/ Windows 10 64 bit.
  • Processor- Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5
  • Graphics- AMD Radeon R7 360X / Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti
  • RAM- 8 GB minimum
  • 40GB Storage-HDD

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Injustice 3 Characters

DC Comics presented 30 fictional characters in Injustice; Gods Among Us and 38 fictional characters in Injustice 2. It is expected that the list of fictional characters might go above 40.

Injustice 3 Characters
Black Adam
Martian Manhunter
Wonder Woman
The Flash (Wally West)
Killer Frost
The Flash (Barry Allen)
Beast Boy
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Black Lightning
Ras al Ghul
Killer Frost
Mad Hatter
Red Hood
Black Canary
Green Arrow
Harley Quinn
Damian (Robin)
Captain Cold
Poison Ivy
John Constantine
Tim Drake (Red Robin)
Killer Croc
Black Manta
Black Mask
The Riddler

Injustice 3 Characters
Injustice 3 Characters

Injustice 3 Story: The 2 Story Modes

In the second part of Injustice, there were 2 (featured and fleshed out) story modes. There were 12 chapters in the story of Injustice 2 and each chapter played a different DC fictional character. Injustice 3 Story might also contain the 2 story modes. One may continue the story of part 2 of Injustice while the other primarily focused on the timeline of the Justice League. NetherRealm Studios has not announced the 2 story modes of the Injustice 3 story.

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What happens at the end of Injustice?

No one knows about the 2 story mode of NetherRealm Studios’ forthcoming video game Injustice 3. We are lacking an official announcement from the side of DC, NetherRealm Studios, and Warner Bros. So it is going to be very hard to predict what happens at the end of Injustice. We have to wait till the release or any update regarding Injustice 3

Injustice 3 Release Date
Injustice 3 Release Date

Injustice 3 Rumors

As a fan of Injustice, you always wanted a solid-news about it, but there is wind regarding this game. The one rumor that is being overspread in the gamers community is about the inclusion of new characters in Injustice 3. Some say 15 new DC fictional characters will appear in Injustice 3 reaching the total of character above 50 while others have different views regarding the character list. It’s gonna be interesting to see NetherRealm Studios come up with how many characters in Injustice 3.

Injustice 3 Image online
Injustice 3 Image online

Injustice 3 Trailer

No official trailer has been released by NetherRealm Studios yet. Injustice fans have to wait for the release of the trailer of Injustice 3. There are some trailers available on the Youtube platform but are not official trailers. These were uploaded by a fan of Injustice. It is expected that the official trailer of Injustice will release by the end of the current year 2021, till then we have to wait for it. Any official statement about its teaser will be updated here. But for entertainment, we have a fan-made Injustice 3 trailer.

So this is all about Injustice 3. Keep checking this article for Injustice 3 release date and do subscribe to our newsletter for more gaming updates.

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