How To Make a Discord Bot in 2023 | Codes & Without Codes

Discord Bot will help you in many ways which can make automation with your discord. But How to make a Discord Bot? This article will be talking about everything about a discord bot, which will not only help you to make a discord bot, also it will help you generate Discord Bot Ideas.



What is Discord Bot

Most people these days know that Discord is an application that allows you to interact with fellow members of the Discord community. The things that a user is able to do on Discord are video calling, voice chat, and text messages. To regularly perform these kinds of activities and many more tasks in the Discord application, there are AIs used in this application known as Bots. Bots on the Discord app can perform various activities like welcoming a new member or members, moderating content, etc. Discord bots can enhance your experience to the next level. A Discord bot can be a powerful tool that can perform many useful tasks directly on your server.

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Why Need a Discord Bot?

Discord bots are essential because they are able to perform certain activities that humans are not able to perform or it can take a lot of time for a human being compared to a bot to do that activity. A Discord bot is needed so that it can maximize the productivity of your server by collecting useful information, moderating the content or conversations, delivering the notification, scheduling events, welcoming a new team member, and do a lot of things.

how to make a discord bot
how to make a discord bot

Discord Bot Studio Vs Discord Bot Maker

Discord Bot Studio – The Discord bot studio allows you to make your own custom Discord bots, without any coding. Under the Discord bot studio, you can make bots like “Text Command” (which helps you to trigger a response by the bot) and “Server Events” (helps you manage your server). Discord Bot Maker – Discord bot maker uses a system based on ‘command’ and ‘events’. The commands are sent by specific words or phrases into the chat. The event part invokes function based on certain conditions, such as the member leaving or joining the server.

Discord Bot Studio Vs Discord Bot Maker
Discord Bot Studio Vs Discord Bot Maker

Discord Bot Python or Discord Bot Javascript

Both the languages Python as well as Javascript allows the user to make a Discord bot on it and it’s the choice of the user on which platform does he want to make the Discord bot. The basic difference between Discord Bot Python and Javascript is given below.

Discord Bot Python – Since you are learning how to make a Discord bot using Python, you will be using The is a Python library that implements Discord’s API in an efficient way. This includes utilizing Python’s implementation of Async IO.

Discord Bot JavascriptDiscord.js is a powerful noe.js module that very easily allows you to interact with Discord API. It takes a much more object-oriented approach than most other JS Discord libraries, making your bot’s code significantly tidier and easier to understand.

How to use Text-to-Speech on the Discord Bot?

First, you need to enable Text-to-Speech in the Discord setting. To see if it is working or not, you need to follow the following steps;

  • Open the Discord and navigate to the channel you want to send a voice message.
  • Type ”/tts” followed by a space, and then your message.
  • Send the message.

After this, you will see the message appear without the slash command. But, at the same time, users in the channel will hear your message read aloud by a voice bot.

How to Host Discord Bot on the Server?

The best method for hosting a Discord bot on the server is to go with a third-party VPS(Virtual Private Server) like PloxHost, GameserverKings, Vultr, etc, this helps you run the bot 24/7 on the server from any part of the world. Majority of the users like VPS hosting because it is extremely affordable and super reliable.

Best Discord Bot Hosting in 2023

If you are making a discord bot then you will also require a hosting that will host your discord bot. There are a lot of servers that allow Discord bot hosting with 24/7 live support, great server speed, multiple locations, etc.  But after checking all the perks here are the 4 best discord bot hosting in 2023, you can easily host your discord bot, and if you face any problem with your bot their support team will help you.

  • PloxHost
  • GameserverKings
  • Vultr
  • AmazonEC2

Also, if you are techy then you can also use google cloud to host your bot. Google cloud is currently running a promo where you will get $300 in your google cloud which you can use for your google cloud hosting. But with google cloud there are disadvantages that there is no support team available 24/7 for you, you have to do everything on your own, etc.

PloxHost Review

The hosting plan under it comes with high-end features that make the most out of your bot, be it music, video games, live chat, etc. For security, PloxHost offers DDoS protection, PCI compliance, and superior support if anything goes wrong.

GameserverKings Review

GameserverKings offers you a seamless hosting experience, apart from that its performance and features are also good. The only thing that you need to do is to upload the bot and after this, they will manage the server.

Vultr Review

Vultr is known for its powerful products and features. As soon as a user clicks deploy, Vultr’s Cloud Orchestration handles the rest and distributes the server instances in your preferred data center.

Amazon EC2 Review

This web service lets you measure and configure server capacity with low friction. Amazon EC2 is built to make cloud computing at a web scale easy for developers.

What Things Discord Bot Can Do?

Discord bots can perform a number of useful tasks. They can detect bad behavior and tell the person not to do it again, if the person does the same thing again, it can kick him out. They can send memes, messages, help in voice and video communication, can help in playing content from websites like youtube directly to Discord, etc.


Discord Bot to Delete Messages

If you want to make your own discord bot that can help you in deleting the messages then you have to code that bot using python or node.js. But if you want a prebuilt discord bot then CommandCleanup is one of the best Discord bot to delete messages quickly.

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Best Language to Write a Discord Bot

Though there are different languages available that can be used to write a Discord bot but out of the many options available Python is considered the best language to write a Discord bot. It is the case because Python is considered simple and readable.

How to Make a Discord Bot in 2023?

So after knowing about the discord bot you are also willing to make your own discord bot, but how to make a bot in discord? Do you need to learn coding to make a bot for my discord? Don’t worry will share with you all the methods through which you can create your own bot.

Discord Bot development online
Discord Bot development online

How to Make a Discord Bot with Node.js

You can make your first discord bot with coding or Node.js. You have to go through these few steps to make a Discord Bot in 2023.

  • Step 1 – Download Node.js(free and open-source javascript runtime that makes your bot work) and set up a Discord account.
  • Step 2 – Create your bot, for which you need an ‘application’ on Discord to make your bot work.
  • Step 3 – Get your bot’s authorization token(Do not share it with anyone).
  • Step 4 – Send your bot to your server.
  • Step 5 – Create a ‘bot’ folder on your computer.
  • Step 6 – Open your text editor and make your bot’s files.
  • Step 7 – Now define your bot’s code.
  • Step 8 – Open your computer’s “command prompt” and navigate to your Discord Bot folder.
  • Step 9 – Now, use your “Command Prompt” to install your bot’s dependencies.
  • Step 10 – Run the bot.
  • Step 11 – Figure out if your bot has been made by someone else. Before making your bot, do explore on Discord to see if someone has already made the bot you need.

Also, Senpai is one of the best anime discord bot built with Node.js.

How to Make a Discord Bot Python

To make a Discord bot with Python you have to extensively follow Discord bot programming rules, but on the contrary, there are some bullet points given below that can help you understand that how to make a Discord bot with Python.

  •  Firstly, you will be using (a Python library).
  • Now you have to create a Discord connection.
  • Using a client you have access to a wide range of Discord APIs, interact with the help of these.
  • Use the Utility functions.
  • Respond to the events after listening to the code.
  • Welcome the new members.
  • Respond to the messages.
  • Handle the exceptions.
  • Try connecting the bot.
  • Use the bot commands.
  • Convert Parameters automatically
  • Check Command Predicate

By following all the above steps, you will be able to learn to make a Discord bot with Python.

Create a Discord Bot without Coding

A Discord bot can be created with the help of a workflow automation tool like Appy Pie Connect.

  • Login to your connect account.
  • Select Gmail as your trigger software.
  • Select ‘New Email’ as your trigger and click continue.
  • Login to your business account on Gmail and select the mail folder whose new emails you want to receive as Discord messages.
  • Choose Discord as your Action software and choose an Action event, click continue on it.
  • Login to your Discord account and select the server where you want these messages to appear.
  • Authorize the necessary permissions and you have successfully added a bot to your Discord server.
  • Now name your bot and activate it.

FAQ 1 – Is Discord Bot Client safe?
Though it is considered safe, users sometimes have noticed some critical errors in it.

FAQ 2 – Why Discord Bots go offline?
The reason behind it can be that you have not coded it and have not run it.

FAQ 3 – How to invite Discord Bot?

  • Turn on Administrator Access.
  • Gets the bots you want.
  • Authorize your Discord bot.

FAQ 4 – Most popular Discord Bot?

  • Octave
  • MEE6
  • Dank Memer
  • Arcane

FAQ 5 – What to do if your Discord Bot is offline?
You need to host it, for it to be online and if you already hosted it then you have to check your server first.

FAQ 6 – Do Discord Bots cost money?
Yes, to use these bots you have to spend money. To host your discord bot you have to buy a server on rent that is the cost required for a bot. But you can also use google cloud for free hosting (Only use if you have knowledge of servers) then your discord bot will cost you free.

FAQ 7 – How to earn for a Discord Bot?
Use the Bot on the server you launched and keep it private or for paid members only, this is one of the many ways you can earn for a Discord bot.

Hope you like this article on How To Make a Discord Bot in 2023. If you have any queries related to this article, then you can easily ask with the help of the comment section below. Also, do share this article with your friends on social media platforms.

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