How To Gameshare on PS4 & PS5 | Complete Guide 2022

How To Gameshare on PS4 without any errors. Yes, you heard right in this article you will get complete guidance to share your games on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 without any errors.

Gameshare on PS4 AND PS5
Gameshare on PS4 AND PS5

A decade ago, there were not any restrictions to any game that we want to play by sharing with our friends. The only thing we had to do at the time was to have a CD or DVD so that we can copy the game from our friend’s PC and later on we were set to play the game that many of our friends had. The present time is not the same as what it used to be.

Nowadays, most of the games that we play are played online and a few of the games that can be played offline come with strict restrictions and guidelines, i.e if someone bought a game and the system that he installs the game in is only supported by the game. You cannot just go on distributing the game to your friends after you have installed or played it. This is because the companies behind the games wanted to cover the losses that they went through in past and to prevent future ones. But, how to gameshare on ps4 without a disc?

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All this situation emerged as if a company was able to or thought that it will make the sales in the gaming community at a very high level, the contrary happened. The sales that were to shoot rocket high in the sky were never to be seen because of this game-sharing process. To cover all of this, most of the gaming companies and platforms that game is played on has restricted game sharing, but the problem these days is that if you are buying a gaming console of a company you cannot just go and buy every game available in the market because that can cost a lot.

game sharing in PS4
game sharing in PS4

So to get relieved from this problem, companies like PlayStation with a few tips & tricks have allowed its gamers to gameshare from their previous version like PS4 to newer versions like PS5. The process of how a user can gameshare from PS4 to PS5 is shown in the topics below.

How does Game Sharing work?

There are a lot of features that the PS4 console supports like Share Button, Share Play, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, etc. However, Game Sharing is a feature that remains well known among users today. The Game Sharing process basically means the sharing of the digital games across the two PS4 consoles and two PSN accounts. This means that your friends and family can play the games in your PS 4 library. The Game Sharing is totally based on the primary account policy. If your account is set as the primary account on the PS4, any account on that PS4 can play the games purchased with the primary account. So, basically, the primary account acts as the admin account of the PS4.

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How to Gameshare on PS4?

The following process will teach you how to Gameshare on PS4. It can be simply said that it allows you and the other person to connect your libraries of games purchased on the Play Station store and to access them collectively with fewer restrictions.

  • First, you need to access your friend’s PS4 and your main account info.
  • Start y logging into your PlayStation Network account on a friend’s console.
  • Select Settings in the main PlayStation4 menu.
  • Now, select Account Management.
  • Then, select Activate as Your Primary PS4.
  • Finally, select Activate.

Note – If you are having trouble making your friends PS4 is your primary console. You may need to deactivate your own PS4 console as the primary console to do this.

How to Gameshare on PS5 to PS4?

The Gameshare on PS5 can be easily be done these days even if your friend’s console is offline.

  • Go to the PS5 dashboard and select Setting.
  • Select the Users and Accounts feature and select all the way down to Other.
  • Select Console Sharing and Offline Play.
  • Select Don’t Disable in Console Sharing and Offline Play.
  • Once the feature is enabled, games tied to that account will be able to be installed on that PS5 even if the account is logged out.
  • Not the account can only have console sharing enabled to a single PS5, so the players should express caution with whoever they decide to share their console with.
  • Although disabling the console sharing will let players share it with other friends, like the friends having PS4.

How to fix: Gameshare on PS4 Not Working

After all the above-mentioned steps many people faced gameshare on ps4 not working. So, in that case, log out of your account and restart your console, after that, you will be able to do gameshare. But many people are asking How to gameshare on multiple ps4. According to the latest information you can not gameshare on multiple PlayStation 4 as well as on PlayStation 5.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

FAQ1 – Are you allowed to Game Share on PS4?
Yes, everyone can Game Share on Ps4.

FAQ2 – Is Game Share Illegal?
Some people find Game Share illegal but the companies like PlayStation allow their users to Game Share on PS4 and PS5.

FAQ3 – Can you Game Share between a PS4 and PS5?
Yes, Game Share between PS4 and PS5 is totally possible, but you cannot gameshare on ps4 with more than one person.

FAQ4 – Can you double Game Share on PS4?
There is very little chance of Double Game share on PS4.

FAQ5 – Is Game Share Xbox to PlayStation possible?
Game Share between different platforms is not possible.

Xbox to PlayStation PS4
Xbox to PlayStation PS4

This is all for the guide on How To Gameshare on PS4 and PS5. If you face any problem or gameshare on ps4 not working for you then do comment down below, we will help you out.

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