How to Fix Discord RTC Connecting in 2022 [Solutions]

Are you looking for How to Fix Discord RTC Connecting? Then you are at the right place, in this article you will get to everything about Discord RTC Connecting and solutions to fix this error.

How to Fix Discord RTC Connecting
How to Fix Discord RTC Connecting

Whenever you try talking to someone over the internet, the main issue that arises while communicating is the weak internet connection and the other broken or faulty basic facilities that help us connect with friends, family, and others. Talking to others over the internet might seem easy but some essential steps must be taken to make the call.

First, you need to have a proper application. Find an application that can provide you with the best experience, not some random one that irritates you while you try to make the call. People or to be specific gamers these days focus mainly on voice calls over video calls, to make the game more interesting. Most importantly, to everyone who plays games over the internet, the main focus is on the instructions given by the other person than the person itself. So voice calls are more preferred while gaming than video calls.

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Apps like Discord, help gamers to fulfill their desire for good communication while playing. On the other hand, it is certain that you might face some errors while playing the game. Apart from many errors that you can face is the “Discord RTC Connecting” error that can ruin your pleasant experience while playing the game. So if your Discord RTC Connecting Stuck then you can solve it with the solutions given down below.


What is Discord RTC Connecting?

The Discord RTC Connecting stands for “Real-Time Communication/Chat”. As Discord allows a lot of good features, it seemingly has an equal number of bugs and annoying errors. One of the most common issues that people are facing these days is the RTC Connecting issue. In this error, people are not able to talk on this VoIP app.

As Discord relies on the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) protocol to function properly, the RTC Connecting error is then a network-related problem. It simply means Discord is experiencing an issue when trying to connect to a remote server. Without a stable connection from Discord to your PC, any attempt to establish a connection for voice or video communication will fail. Thankfully, the problem isn’t that hard to fix.

Discord RTC Connecting how to fix
Discord RTC Connecting how to fix

Why Discord is showing “RTC Connecting”?

The real reason behind the Discord showing the “Discord RTC Connecting No Route” error is that your computer might not be able to establish a secure and proper connection to your server. This is not a new error that you face today and cannot be resolved. The “RTC Connecting” error can be solved after following a few steps given below but the main problem that arises here is that we know the problem, the only thing that we don’t know is the cause behind the problem. The cause behind the problem can be anything starting from Internet or VPN usage to Server or Antivirus problem and a lot more things.

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How to Fix Discord RTC Connecting in 2022

The path to resolving the Discord RTC Connecting Issue is totally dependent on the reason behind the error. The reason can be found by following the various problem-solving steps given below. There can be a lot of factors or maybe a single one, that might have contributed to the “RTC Connecting” issue on your PC. Whenever you come across this error you can check your computer for the reason behind the error by going through checking the following methods. It can be one of the following methods that might have caused the problem to your pleasant experience on Discord.

Discord RTC Connecting
Discord RTC Connecting

Internet Connection 

The Internet these days is so fast that you are able to download or upload a huge file on or from the internet in just minutes. Though the providers are able to provide the best experience to their users by a fast internet connection, there might be some people who have not upgraded their internet to the recent one. Slow internet can be the reason behind your “RTC Connecting” issue. On the other hand, if you are one of those who have a fast internet connection, then you need to check your internet settings and if you find something wrong with it then you need to set it to Default to get a smooth internet connection back.

Discord RTC Connecting internet connection check
Discord RTC Connecting internet connection check

VPN Usage

The “RTC Connecting” could also mean that there is a problem with your network. If every website works except for Discord, try using a VPN to improve the connection. VPN servers tend to have a robust connection and negligible downtime. A paid and well-recognized VPN service guarantees a smooth connection 24/7.

Discord RTC Connecting vpn check
Discord RTC Connecting VPN check

Dynamic IP Address

Whenever you are using the Discord app and face the RTC Connecting issue, you can choose this option of Dynamic IP Address. When you are connected to a server and you start facing this issue of RTC connecting, you can change the Dynamic IP Address where you can find another server and you can connect and check that the issue is resolved or not.

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Server Problem

The server problem can be a genuine one when you face the “DNS Connecting” issue. Many times when you connect to a private or public server, there can be a lot of traffic on that particular server because of lots of people present there. Either you can change and go to a different server or try to connect to the server again by leaving it. Once you leave the sever try connecting again on it to find out that the issue has resolved or not.

Antivirus Problem

If your problem is not getting resolved, you should consider checking your Antivirus setting. The Antivirus is the shield of the computer and sometimes it does not allow changes to the way it works. After going through a lot of things on your computer, you should also take a look at your computer’s antivirus that it should not be the one restricting your computer and server to connect.


Firewall Problem

The Firewall on the computer more or less relates to the antivirus. It also doesn’t allow the third-party app to get through it. The Firewall on the computer like Antivirus allows you to protect it from unknown attacks or unknown actions that your computer is under knowingly or unknowingly.

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Reboot your Computer

This is one of the basic this that you can do to resolve the “RTC Connecting” issue. Start by closing all the apps on your computer, even the Discord app. On the main screen of your computer, select restart and restart the computer. It can be a possibility that the issue will be fixed.

reboot your computer Discord RTC Connecting
reboot your computer Discord RTC Connecting

Reboot Your Router

Go to the main power source of the router and switch it Off and after a minute or two, switch it On. This will reboot your router and can help you in resolving the “RTC Connecting” error if this was the case.

Change Your DNS Servers 

In the local term, a DNS server serves as the phonebook of the internet. It translates your target website to the actual IP address. By default, we are using a DNS server assigned by our internet service provider. You can change the DNS servers to help you solve this issue.

Update Your Network Driver

The “RTC Connecting” error can also occur when you are using a faulty or outdated network driver. Majority of the time we don’t remember when was the last time we updated our network drivers. You can update your network drivers Manually or Automatically. Feel free to use the way you want the error to be resolved.

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Disable QoS High Packet Priority

In Default settings, Discord has a QoS feature which could be an issue if you don’t have fast internet. To disable this feature simply go to User Setting>Voice & Video> and Untick the ‘Enable QoS high packet priority’ option. Now simply restart Discord.

Temporarily Disable your Firewall

This can be helpful if your Firewall is the case for not letting your servers, connect to the computer. The simple step of disabling the firewall can get you out of this problem easily. If you don’t know how to disable Firewall then follow this:

  1. Select the Start button
  2. Then go to Settings
  3. Then search Update & Security
  4. After that go to Windows Security
  5. Then Firewall & network protection
  6. Now Open Windows Security settings.
  7. Select a network profile.
  8. Under Microsoft Defender Firewall, switch the setting to Off

Temporarily Disable your Antivirus

As it is well known by everyone today with a bit of information about the computer that the Antivirus is as important as the computer itself because if you have a computer you need to protect it from malware and viruses. The Antivirus while performing its job can be strict to third-party apps too. So disabling it can help you if it is the reason behind the “RTC Connecting” issue.

temporarily disable your antivirus
temporarily disable your antivirus

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ1 – Why does my Discord just says connecting?
It can be the case because of the “RTC Connecting” issue.

FAQ2 – Why RTC Connecting error on Discord Mobile?
It is because your mobile is not able to connect to the desired server.

FAQ3 – Why can’t I join a Discord Server when I am not banned?
Slow Internet or the “RTC Connecting” issue can be the problem behind it.

FAQ4 – Does Discord IP gets banned?
Yes, the Discord IP can get banned.

How to Fix Discord RTC Connecting SOLUTIONS
How to Fix Discord RTC Connecting SOLUTIONS

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