Drag Clicking: How to Drag Click On Any Mouse [2022]

Drag clicking looks very easy although it is easy, taking it to another level in order to have mastery over it, is quite challenging. In this article, you will learn how to Drag Click on any Mouse where we will tell you all basics to advanced tricks and techniques of Drag Click on any mouse.

Drag Clicking
Drag Clicking

Drag Click becomes more important when it comes to gaming. If you have mastery in Drag clicking then you definitely have an advantage over your opponent in video games. The drag click technique is more popular in Minecraft and Roblox Platform but it has the same importance for other games as well. So learning the drag technique provides you an extra edge over your opponent in video games by simply increasing your Click Per second (CPS)  as well as increasing your accuracy in video games. That is why we come with this important guide on How to Drag Click On Any Mouse

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What is Drag Clicking

Before moving to learn the Drag click technique, first, see what is drag clicking? Drag clicking is also known as Tap clicking or Fazer tapping. This technique is used to increase the number of clicks or we can say increase clicks per second by dragging the fingers across the surface of a mouse button. The more you know the drag click technique the more you can achieve CPS. The more CPS, the more frequent and quick you will be in your action in a video game, thus improving the performance in a video game match.

Drag Clicking of a Mouse
Drag Clicking of a Mouse

Why Drag Clicking is Important

Drag clicking becomes more important especially when it comes to gaming. If you mastered the drag clicking technique you can achieve 32 clicks per second (CPS) and the extra Click per second definitely provide you extra benefit in any video game and can help you in increasing the winning streak. For example, the Drag click technique becomes very useful in Minecraft where you can place several blocks at a time. Further, it is also helpful while working on bridges or any other construction site in Minecraft. With the right Drag clicking technique players can also increase the number of kills in a combat match.

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How to Drag Click On Any Mouse

Drag clicking looks easy but is not as easy as you think. It is more than clicking or playing with the mouse buttons. Learning drag clicking technique requires practice and patience and of course the right mouse to do. The two things which you must consider in any clicking mouse one is the surface of the mouse. We recommend you to go with a matt grippy surface of a mouse as it makes drag clicking easy and the second is the quality of mouse switches like Kailh, Omron, or optical, as quality switches minimize stress while drag clicking. Below are the steps for drag clicking have a close look at each step.

How to Drag Click On Any Mouse
How to Drag Click On Any Mouse

Steps for Drag Clicking

Above you have seen the factors like the surface of the mouse and the quality of switches that affect Drag clicking. Now let see the steps for Drag clicking.

  • Step 1: Make sure the mouse surface is free from dirt, dust, and sweat, and also your hands must be clean and dry.
  • Step 2: Now hold the mouse then put your thumb on the left side and your little finger on the right side to grasp. Put your index finger and middle finger on the left button and right button of the mouse respectively and then glide fingertips across the upper edge of your mouse button.
  • Step 3: Make sure the position of your wrist is at a comfortable position, and flick the mouse button downward in order to drag clicking. Gently glide your fingertips over the mouse you will hear a hissing sound and the mouse will vibrate, which means you are doing drag-clicking correctly.
Steps for Drag Clicking
Steps for Drag Clicking

Things to Consider before Drag Click

There are certain things that you should keep in your mind before drag click. The first thing is that the mouse you are using should be neat and clean and free from dust and dirt. Second, your hand position over the mouse should be correct, and third, you should verify the drag.

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Clean Mouse

In order to make drag clicking easy and effective then make sure the surface of the mouse is clean, free from dust, dirt, and sweat. Cleaning the mouse surface creates enough friction between the mouse surface and your fingers results in a smoother finger slide and thus making drag clicking easier.

Clean Surface of a Mouse for drag click
Clean Surface of a Mouse for drag click

Hand Position

The position of your hand also matters a lot in drag clicking. Hand position is such that you make a comfortable grip on the surface of the mouse. We have mentioned the correct hand position in the section Steps for Drag Clicking, follow those steps carefully.

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Verify Drag Click

If you want to learn How to Drag Click On Any Mouse and looking to mastery over Drag clicking and verify it, then you can take the help of some online tools. You can verify drag click on rapidtables or clickspeeder online portal where you will know the number of clicks per second.

Drag Clicking Tools
Drag Clicking Tools

How To Drag Click On Macbook

Drag click on Macbook through Macbook’s trackpad becomes difficult for most of the users. It involves click, holding, and then dragging which is not easy. But now users can easily drag click on MacBook by simply using three fingers. Below you can see the Steps to Enable Drag Click On Macbook.

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Steps to Enable Drag Click On Macbook

  • Step 1: First click on the Apple icon and select system preferences.
  • Step 2: Then select “Accessibility”.
  • Step 3: After that select the “Pointer Control” option
  • Step 4: Then in the “Mouse and trackpad” tab select “trackpad options” 
Drag Click On Macbook
Drag Click On Macbook

So this is all about drag clicking and we hope you got the best technique on How to Drag Click On Any Mouse. Share this article and also subscribe to our newsletter for more guides.


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