Fix: Discord Overlay Not Working In 2023 | Easy Steps [100%]

Discord Overlay Not Working with you? If yes, then this article is for you. You will get the tested and working solutions through which you can Fix Discord Overlay Not Working

Discord Overlay Not Working
Discord Overlay Not Working


What is Discord Overlay?

Discord is a message and voice chat app that allows users to connect with each other on this platform. The app is mainly in trend because of the booming gaming industry. Gamers these days specifically use this kind of app to communicate in-game for a smooth and non-interruptive experience. The Discord app can be best used while you are playing the game with other people. The Discord overlay is a feature that helps you chat and coordinate the game simultaneously. Discord is a great help as it lets you stream the gameplay over it and manage it while you are in the game.

How to Use Discord Overlay?

In Discord overlay, if you want to start a voice chat you can click on the phone icon on the top right. It will show a user name when you voice chat. Also, you will be able to see all users in the voice chat in the upper left corner or you can open the overlay and move the chatbox anywhere on the screen.

Discord Overlay Not Working Online
Discord Overlay Not Working Online

Why is Discord Overlay Not Working

A few problems that appear with the Discord overlay sometimes is that it ends up not working, not showing up, or not working in many games. This can be frustrating sometimes when you are about to play or in between the game. If the overlay doesn’t work in Discord, you won’t be able to talk with your friends, send messages, won’t be able to send the screenshot of the games, etc. A few reasons behind your overlay not working are that either you have a problem with your Discord Permission, Hardware Acceleration Setting problem, the third-party software on your computer or the crashing of your system, etc.

Best Discord Overlay Settings

The best Discord overlay setting can be done when you go into discord and click on user setting. Now under the app setting, click on the overlay option and toggle Enable In-game overlay to On by clicking on the slider. Next, go to Game Activity under the App Settings. There should appear a list of games that have been connected to Discord. If there isn’t one, you can add it by opening one and clicking add to it. Next to your game, you will see an icon of the computer, there you can toggle the overlay to be on or off for each game. Now, open the game you want to play using the overlay. Here, you can also add a shortcut to open the overlay.

Solutions: Discord Overlay Not working in 2023

A few solutions that can be helpful for the overlay not working in Discord are; reboot the computer system, enable in-game overlay in discord, run discord as administrator, disable discord hardware acceleration, check the third-party software blacklist, scale the discord overlay, use no proxy, uninstall and update the discord.

Discord Overlay Not Working Guide
Discord Overlay Not Working Guide

Solution 1: Reboot your system

The first thing that you can do is to reboot the system as rebooting the system helps in solving the majority of the computer problems.

Solution 2: Run Discord as Administrator

Right-click on the Discord app and open its properties, under compatibility click on run this program as administrator. Then stroke Apply and Ok to save the settings.

Discord Overlay Not Working Run Discord as Administrator
Discord Overlay Not Working Run Discord as Administrator

Solution 3: Disable Discord Hardware Acceleration

In the Discord application, hit the gear icon of user settings. In User Settings, pick Appearance under App Settings. Then under Appearance, select Advanced and turn off Hardware Acceleration.

Solution 4: Scale the Discord Overlay

Go to the Start menu, select Settings, then System. Under Display, find out Scale and Layout and make it 100%. Finally, boot your game and enable overlay for it again.

Solution 5: Update Discord

If nothing is not working, the final thing that you can do is uninstall and update the Discord app. As it is possible that the previous discord app may have been corrupted.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Can you do Discord Overlay on iPhone?
Answer: As discord overlay is available on the majority of Android devices, IOS doesn’t allow discord overlay in it but you can use some side tricks to overlay discord on IOS that is not usually preferred on iPhone.

FAQ 2: How many games support Discord Overlay?
Answer: The majority of the games these days support Discord Overlay.

FAQ 3: Why is Discord Overlay not working in Among Us?
Answer: The reason behind it can be that you haven’t turned In-Game overlay in Discord.

FAQ 4: How to Discord Overlay Steam?
Answer: The Discord Overlay on Steam can be done with the help of Discord Streamkit.

Now you are now able to Fix the Discord Overlay Not Working on your device. Feel free to contact us for more and don’t forget to share this article with your discord friends.

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