Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission [Ultimate Guide 2022]

This article is all about Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission. The free-to-play online multiplayer first-person shooter video game Destiny 2 is famous for its next to unachievable missions and exotic weapons that no player would want to miss in their infantry. The game released in 2017 has never disappointed its players when it comes to missions. After the invincible Hawkmoon, Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt has released its brand new Mission called the ‘Harbinger’.

Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission
Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission

But getting to Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission is not easy and certainly not possible without conquering the Hawkmoon. Although conquering the Hawkmoon too won’t be enough, along with strong weapons, this Mission is going to be a test of strategy. There will be many quests, enemies, and levels to get to the Harbinger mission. Having said, that we have put together the ultimate guide for you to cover the Harbinger mission. If you are wondering what all rewards you’ll get on the other side of the Mission, this article has covered it all.

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Steps to Complete Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission

Once you have got the Hawkmoon, the path towards Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission is simple but not easy. Although it can be reached by a solo player, it is advised to have a Fireteam of at least three to get to the Mission. Here are the steps that can be followed to the Harbinger Mission.

Steps to Complete Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission
Step 1: Traversing the Dam
Step 2: Hunt the Emissaries
Step 3: Survive 
Step 4: Reach the Shard
Step 5: Drive Savathan Out
Step 6: Earn Rewards
Steps to Complete Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission
Steps to Complete Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission

Traversing the Dam

The journey of completing the Harbinger mission will start from Trostland in the European Dead Zone. Starting by locating the tunnel and heading towards the light. The tunnel will open up to a large huge dam which is to be reached by jumping over the fallen tree and then towards the ledges of the dam. Take a high jump, and you’ll land on a metal platform, then get inside the tunnel-like structure below it. The path will take you to a huge open room with many turbines and Taken enemies. 

Destiny 2 Traversing the Dam
Destiny 2 Traversing the Dam

Hunt the Emissaries

On arrival, you will be encountered with three emissaries of Savathun that are to be hunted down. When you shoot these emissaries, they will spread out and despawn. These emissaries will spread inside rooms of the tunnel, and you will be required to track all the emissaries and destroy them, completely. Do keep a closer look at the paracores or the glowing features which will unlock the exotic ship. Most of these will be found near the emissaries. Follow the Hawk to get to the reservoir. Pull out the Ghost Nav Mode to easily know where you need to go. 

 Destiny 2 Hunt the Emissaries
Destiny 2 Hunt the Emissaries


This part of the Mission will last only for a few minutes, but it will be full of action so it is suggested to equip yourself with safety Supers like Bubble Titan, Well Warlock, or Stasis Hunter. Here you need to survive in the reservoir boss room. You will encounter the unstoppable Phalanxes.

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This section might be difficult for a single player, and here you might require a Fireteam of three to get through the survival. After you have got through the survival segment, follow the Hawk, it’ll take you to a hallowed grove area from the original Hawkmoon mission, where you will jump on the ledges and take the upper path towards the Shard. Again take the help of the Ghost Nav Mode, which will show you the path that has to be taken. 

Destiny 2 Harbinger-Survival
Destiny 2 Harbinger-Survival

Reach the Shard

At this point, you’ll find yourself in a cave where the Shard of the Traveler resides. Jump along with the rocks until you reach the Shard. If you think that you have lost your way, simply follow the purple mushrooms you’ll get to the boss. Remember, there are a lot of enemy snipers in the way, so shoot them down and throw them out of your way. Just in case you end up at a dead-end, take a different path and simply follow the clusters of purple mushrooms.

Destiny 2 - Reach the Shard
Destiny 2 – Reach the Shard

Drive Savathan Out

This is going to be one of the most difficult fights, so make sure you have a Solar sniper rifle and Hawkmoon before starting the boss fight. Akorith will spawn when you try to approach the Shard. Hawkmoon is the best to deal with the Akorith. After you have finished him with a headshot, it’ll release a wave of enemies. So save yourself, hide behind the rocks and take out the Solar sniper. Now start looking for the two Taken Knights and knock them down. Clear the rest of the room to bring back Akorith. Repeat the same process until Akorith is completely destroyed. 

Destiny 2 Drive Savathan Out
Destiny 2 Drive Savathan Out

Earn Rewards

After Akorith has been killed, loot the chest to find a new Hawkmoon that is under the Shard. This Hawkmoon will have a randomly rolled perk and a Hawkmoon Catalyst and, of course, the paracores of the feathers. In order to complete the catalyst, you’ll require to get kills with the Hawkmoon. If you want more randomly rolled Hawkmoons, then you will have to complete the entire Mission all over again. After finishing the Mission, on the Europen Dead Zone, it’ll appear on the Director, which means you don’t have to go to Trostland again. If you go to the Crow in the Tangled Shore, you’ll find the way towards the quest called ‘Birds of Prey’. 

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Best Weapons For Harbinger Destiny 2

As there are many weapons available in Destiny 2, but for harbinger use sniper rifles or machine guns. Also, if you already completed this mission then do tell us the weapon that you used for this mission. You can use the comment section which is given down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: How many times should I run Harbinger to complete Bird of Prey?
Answer: You can get to the ‘Birds of Prey’ without running the Harbinger and earning your randomly rolled Hawkmoon. Simply go to Crow in the Tangled Shore. Talk to him and see at the bottom of his inventory an Exotic quest logo. There you pick up ‘Birds of Prey’ and go towards Trostland in the European Dead Zone to start Harbinger. 

This is all for the guide Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission, if you still face any other problems then do comment down below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more destiny 2 tips and guides.

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