Best RGB Fans In 2022 | Budget Friendly RGB Fans for PC

Gaming with the Best RGB Fans will change the gaming experience. But what are the Best RGB Fans on a budget for a gaming PC? So, In this article will be sharing with you the Best RGB Fans in 2022 which are on the basis of reviews and price.


Gone are those days when the CPUs looked blunt or bored because of their bold colors like black, grey, etc. It feels really good to see that due to the evolution of computer systems, this is not the case now. The new look of the CPUs is not because of the change in the outside hardware of the CPU but mainly the inside of it. One of the most important components in the CPU is the fan, which is improved and enhanced nowadays. Though most of the CPUs use the same old basic color of the fans, there are also RGB and ARGB fans that take the game to a whole new level.


What are the Best RGB Fans?

RGB in RGB Fans stand for Red, Green, and Blue. These are the colors that combine and make more than 16 million color combinations from the basic Red, Green, and Blue colors. There are built-in LEDs inside the fans that with the help of software make all the color combinations possible. After knowing about RGB, there are many people who always look ask “Are RGB fans necessary?’. Well the answer is no it is not necessary to have some RGB Fans in your rig, you can also use simple fans to make a good airflow in the cabinet. Also, RGB Fans are more expensive than normal fans.

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What do RGB fans do?

When we perform a task on our pc or gaming pc then heat evolves from the processor and graphic card, So to cool down the temperature of the cabinet and to maintain the airflow we have to use fans that come with different RPM. RGB fans do the same thing with RGB lights which can be controlled with the help of a motherboard or a remote. Some RGB Fans are also compatible with iCUE software but sometimes RGB does not work properly.


ARGB VS RGB Fans | The Real Comparison 

The basic difference between the ARGB and RGB fan is that with the help of the software, in the RGB fan you can change the color of the whole fan with all the color combinations available in the software but on the other hand in ARGB (Addressable RGB), the software helps in changing the color of each LED or the set of LEDs in the fan. The RGB has a 4 pin connecter (power, red, green, blue) whereas the ARGB has a 3 pin connecter (ground, power, signal). The ARGB works on a 5-volt header and the RGB works on a 12 volts header, interchanging them can cause damage to the system, so you should always be cautious while using them.

Cooler Master VS Corsair RGB Fans

Cooler Master and Corsair RGB Fans are some of the best brands and both of them give tough competition to each other. If we talk about the quality and the product many people choose cooler master over corsair. If we talk about the price, Cooler Master offers the same RGB Fans with the same features at a lower price. If we talk about an affordable budget then Corsair RGB Fans are the most silent RGB fans at 35 dBA.

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Corsair 120mm RGB Fan (3 Pack Combo) is coming at $64.99 on amazon, whereas Cooler Master 120mm RGB Fan (3 Pack Combo) is coming at a cheaper price that is $91.10 but with some additional features.

How to Control Corsair RGB Fans?

Corsair made software that can help you to control RGB Fans installed in the Rig. iCUE is the software by corsair through which you can control your RGB and its lighting freely.

How to Sync RGB Fans?

To sync an RGB fan, you first need to install the fan in the system. After a proper installation, you have to check the connection they are in place or not. If the power flow is proper and the connection is working well, hence, your RGB fans are properly synced to the system.

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How to Connect RGB Fans to the motherboard?

Installing RGB Fans on the pc is not a tough process. Initially, please make sure that the power is off. Install the fan in your PC case, and screw it in the designated areas so that it does not move while in use. Use RGB-Y cable to connect the fan and the motherboard. Use RGB 4 pin connecter to an RGB header and 4 pin fan connecter to a fan header on the motherboard. Use the RGB-Y  cable 8 pin header to connect the first fan and you can repeat the whole process if you want to add more fans to it.


5 Best RGB Fans in 2022

The 5 Best RGB Fans of 2022 available in the market are;

  • QL 120 RGB by Corsair
  • Master Fan MF 120 Halo Duo Ring Addressable RGB by Cooler Master
  • LL 120 RGB by Corsair
  • Sickle Flow 140 ARGB square frame fan by Cooler Master
  • Aer RGB 2 by NZXT
Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

61hB9EQOSL. AC SL1500

Corsair QL Series 120mm RGB Fan


34 individually addressable RGB LEDs radiate spellbinding colors and effects to enhance your Corsair QL RGB-cooled system. Check On Amazon

Cooler Master Master Fan MF120
Cooler Master Master Fan MF120


Duo-Ring addressable RGB lighting 24 individually controlled ARGB LEDs for a stunning visual effect. Check On Amazon

Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB 120mm
Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB 120mm


16 independent RGB LEDs in every fan, split between two separate light loops. Check On Amazon

Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 ARGB
Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 ARGB


New Air Balance Blade -Optimized fan blade design with increased curvature that improves airflow and air pressure. Check On Amazon



These PWM static pressure fans are designed with a chamfered intake and exhaust that boost overall airflow and pressure. Check On Amazon


Corsair QL Series RGB Fan Review

This RGB fan consists of a low noise semi-transparent 120 mm fan blade that is engineered for quiet operation while also allowing your RGB lighting to shine through.

Top Pick

Corsair QL Series RGB Fan

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5000+ Reviews

Buy on Amazon

Cooler Master Fan MF 120 Review

The Duo Ring Addressable RGB lighting individually controls 24 ARGB LEDs for a magnificent visual effect. It consists of silent cooling and noise reduction technology. The dynamic speed of the fan can be adjusted from 650 to 1800 RPM for maximum air cooling and noise reduction.

Top Pick

Cooler Master Fan MF 120

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3000+ Reviews

Buy on Amazon

Corsair LL 20 Series RGB Fan Review

It features 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs split between two separate light loops. The Corsair iCUE software brings your system to light with Dynamic RGB lighting. For better performance, the speed of the fan can be adjusted from 360 to 2200 RPM, minimizing noise and maximizing airflow. This fan is also rated as the best RGB fan for water cooling.

Top Pick

Cooler Master Sickle Flow RGB Fan Review

The key features of the Sickle Flow 140 are that it has ARGB lighting, New blade design, an Enhanced fan frame, a sealed bearing structure, and a controlled fan speed between 650 to 1400 RPM.

Top Pick


The fan is uniquely shaped and is designed with a chamfered intake and exhaust that boost overall airflow and pressure. The winglet tips and fluid dynamic bearing made of copper make it an excellent performer.

Top Pick


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2000+ Reviews

Buy on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: How to check: does my motherboard support RGB fans?
To find out that your motherboard supports RGB fans, either you can have a look at your motherboard manual that it is compatible or not OR just review the tech specs/manual for it.

FAQ 2: How does an RGB fan work?
An RGB fan works by connecting to the header on the motherboard.

FAQ 3: Where do I plug in RGB fans?
The RGB fan should always be plugged in the designated header point given on the motherboard.

FAQ 4: Do RGB fans increase FPS?
There is no relation between RGB fans to FPS, as the main function of the RGB fans is to make the system look good and different.

FAQ 5: How to control RGB Fans?
The RGB fans can be controlled through the software provided by the fan company, also, there is a controller attached to the fan that helps in controlling the fan.

This is all for the Best RGB Fans in 2022 for your gaming pc, hope you like the collection and the information. If you have any more suggestions then do comment down below, also share this article with your friend over social media platforms.

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