AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor Review | 144Hz Monitor 2023

This AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor Review will help you out to choose the best 144hz gaming monitor. AOC 24G2 144Hz monitor is one of the best gaming monitor in 2023.

AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor
AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor

These days computers are as essential in a household as any other electronic device. People try to get the best computer system for the money they can spend on it. There are so many varieties of computers available in the market that a person can get puzzled by just hearing all the names.

Each part of the computer is as important as the computer itself. People at present try to get their systems assembled or buy the whole system of the same company, whatever suits best to them. In this line of people are the gamers, who want the best experience from every part of the computer and want their computer to not lag in their long gaming sessions.

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The monitor is such a part of the computer system that can either enhance our gameplay or just make it dull by not performing accordingly. The Gaming monitors are different these days from the regular monitors that we normally own. The specifications of each monitor can differ from brand to brand and variant to variant.

One such Gaming monitor is the 24G2 by AOC. There are a lot of things about the 24G2 monitor that makes it different from the regular monitors and the regular gaming monitors. The monitor is highly recommended and talked about in the gaming community of fans and gaming enthusiasts. Everything you want to know about this monitor is discussed below.


About AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor

AOC has been in the monitor business for a very long time and its 24G2 has been in the market for about 2 years now. The best thing about the 24G2 is that for being nearly about 2 years in the gaming market, it is still the talk of the town. Gamers prefer having it as their first gaming monitor choice.

It is not that the company is reliable so we should buy the product but the product itself delivers a good performance that is essential to every gamer and is a requirement from the monitors these days. It is better to look at the key features of the monitor to understand how it works and what all it can provide us when we are gaming.

AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor Review | 144Hz Monitor

Let’s talk about AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor Review. The previous version of this AOC 24G2 was AOC C24G1. The AOC C24G1 was launched in 2018 and is a good example of a VA model that offers a reasonably nice mixture of image quality and responsiveness. The AOC 24G2 on the other hand was launched in November of 2019 with many key upgrades.

AOC 24G2 Review
AOC 24G2 Review

Though people do prefer more screen size while playing the game to cover more space, these days the 24-inch screen size is considered comfortable. The gamers may find the screen size comfortable but a good mixture of image quality and responsiveness is their priority. If we talk about the high refresh rates, there are the TN models available so far in the market and are basically known for their speed but we also have VA models that offer strong contrast and some improvements in color handling at the expense of responsiveness.

The AOC 224G2 offers an alternative with IPS Panel. Apart from the panel, some more changes have been bought like a generous color range and use of flat rather than a curved screen.

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AOC 24G2 Variants

It is always seen that variants of the products are always available in the market for various consumers. The AOC has done the same with its 24G2 product. It has bought two products under the 24G2 segment known as the AOC 24G2 and the AOC 24G2/U.

AOC 24G2 Design

Looking at the monitor we see that it has a sturdy stand and a good cable management system while the screen is covered with an anti-glare matte coating. Considering the price, the 24G2 offers an impressive design and you also get full ergonomic support with up to 130mm height adjustment, 90-degree pivot, +/- 30-degree swivel, and 100 by 100 mm VESA mount compatibility.

AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor Review
AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor Review

AOC 24G2 Display: 144Hz Monitor

As the name suggests it has a 24-inch display and screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 and it is a 144Hz Monitor. The display can be height adjusted. The narrowly bordered display allows you to connect two or sometimes three 24G2 monitors to make the best out of it.

AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor Review
AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor Review

AOC 24G2 Performance

It is capable of performing at a very high pace as it supports a refresh rate of 144 Hz. With a 1080 pixel resolution, it provides a crisp and sharp texture that helps you work on various projects while gaming at the same time. The color and image disappearance won’t be an issue with this monitor.

AOC 24G2 Review Online
AOC 24G2 Review Online

AOC 24G2 Features

The display has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a brightness level of 250 cd/m sq., with a Delta E<2, which gives you plenty of Gamut and overall contrast levels. The superb color accuracy is fully appreciable. It is free sync capable and also G Sync certified.

AOC 24G2 Price

The price of 24G2 can vary from website to website because of the stock availability. The pricing can be different when you go out in the market to buy it offline. As there is a lot of price variation here and there, we should consider the online price where people like to buy this kind of product more than anywhere, and considering its online price we found out that the AOC 24G2 costs 269 $ on amazon.

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AOC 24G2 Version 1 (Old)

The Old version of the 24G2 has a high brightness of 352 nits. Around 100 nits more than the newer version. Though the lower brightness value of the bother version is around 80 nits. It has a

AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor
AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor

contrast ratio of 1462:1. Color accuracy is nearly the same as Version 2. Version 1 can sometimes have flickering when the frame rate fluctuates.

AOC 24G2 Version 2 (New)

The newer version of 24G2 has a brightness of 248 nits. Around 100 nits less than the older version. The lower brightness value is around 80 nits. It has a contrast ratio of 1039:1. Color accuracy is nearly the same as Version 1. Version 2 does not contain any flickering.

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FAQ 1 – Does AOC 24Gg2 have G Sync Compatibility?
A G Sync monitor is a type of monitor that contains technology from NVIDIA in some TVs, PC Monitors, and Laptops to fight screen tearing, stuttering (lagging), and juddering (shaky images and videos) while you are playing a video very fast and or a high-end game. The AOC 24G2 initially does not come with the G Sync compatibility but with a few alterations and changes in settings you can make it work and it works flawlessly then.

FAQ 2 – Does AOC 24G2 have speakers?
Speakers are essential these days. If you talk about computer systems, people usually like to add speakers if they initially get one from the PC company or with the monitor to enhance the total audio quality of the computer. In this case, the particular model of the AOC 24G2 does not have speakers with it, but the other variants of this model do include speakers.

FAQ 3 – Does AOC 24G2 support HDMI 2.1?
The HDMI specification 2.1 is the most recent launch by the company. It supports a higher range of video resolution and Refresh Rates from its previous versions. The 2.1 version includes resolutions from 8K60 and 4K120 up to 10K. The HDMI 2.1 supports Dynamic HDR format and the bandwidth capability is also increased up to 48 Gbps. Yes, the AOC 24G2 24 inch IPS monitor supports the latest HDMI 2.1, and it raises its video seeing and gaming experience to a whole new level.

FAQ 4 – How do I enable 144Hz AOC?
The 144 Hz monitor is the need of every gamer out there looking for the best monitor that they can get their hand on. The 144 Hz monitor can gain your advantage over your gaming friends who have monitors of low refresh rate. The higher the refresh rate of the monitor the better is your experience of everything that you do on it. The 144Hz monitor can help games feel much smoother and more immersive. Different Windows have different settings if you use Windows 10 the first you have to go to Setting>System>Display>Advanced Display Setting>Display Adapter Properties>Monitor>Screen Refresh Rate List. Select the recommended refresh rates and click OK.

FAQ 5 – Can PS4 run 144Hz?
Most of these days that you can get from the consoles available in the market are 60 Hz because of the present technology in the console segment. So, the answer is simple the PS4 does not support or run 144 Hz. As seen that the technology is improving day by day, it may be possible that in a few years we might be able to see the consoles with higher refresh rates like 144 Hz and much more.

This is all for AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor Review, hope this will help you to choose this monitor as your new gaming monitor. If you have any doubts then comment down below with the help of the comment box.

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