Adblock on Twitch in 2023 [Ultimate Guide]

If you use Twitch Platform, you are surely among those who searched how Adblock on Twitch, as frequent Twitch users always have one major complaint with the platform. That is none other than the problem of advertisements that appear very in short intervals and too in bulk. While these advertisements are one of the major sources of revenue to Twitch and its streamers, these can be annoying for its users. These advertisements break the flow of the content, making viewers altogether uninterested in viewing the videos.

Adblock on Twitch
Adblock on Twitch

Many Twitch users aren’t aware that there can be ways to get rid of them. There are some simple and easy ways to block ads on Twitch. But as cited earlier, these ads are a ramjet source of revenue; blocking them will have some of the other hidden costs or restrictions. This article talks about the ways to Adblock on Twitch and its underlying restrictions. This article will also answer some of the frequently asked questions by the Twitch Users regarding the Ads on Twitch. 

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Why to Adblock on Twitch?

Twitch is known to present its users with unwanted and mostly irrelevant advertisements. It is also seen that a user is made to watch nine advertisements in a row which can be frustrating for the viewers. In many countries that repeatedly show the same advertisements, which makes the streaming just impossible to watch. Avoiding these advertisements can be easier than you think and make the Twitch experience better than ever before; that’s why it becomes important to use Adblockers to Adblock on Twitch. 

Why to Adblock on Twitch
Why to Adblock on Twitch

How to Adblock on Twitch? 

There are a number of ways through which ads can be blocked from Twitch. Some of these methods may block ads but will come with a hidden cost that might result in certain restrictions on Twitch. We have made a list of ways through which you can block ads on Twitch. 

Methods to Adblock on Twitch
Method 1: Use Adblock Extension
Method 2: Use VPN
Method 3: Use Adblock Browser
Method 4: Use TwitchIs
Method 5: Use Different Platforms

Use Adblock Extension

This is also one of the easiest ways of blocking advertisements on Twitch. It does not come at any cost and can be set up easily. But Adblock extensions are often shut down by Twitch, so it’s important to use the one that works. The best Adblock extension is uBlock Origin. It is an open-source browser extension that is available on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. The reason why uBlock Origin is the most effective AdBlock extension is that it blocks all on-page ads by changing the quality of the stream. 

uBlock Origin -Adblock Extension for Twitch
uBlock Origin -Adblock Extension for Twitch


VPN or the Virtual Private Network allows you to change your online location. It connects your server to a different location and provides you with a different IP address. Twitch’s advertisements policies are different in different countries. Countries like Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Mexico, Costa Rica have either no ads or very few ads on Twitch. But connecting to VPN should be done after some research, as the stream may buffer if it is connected to a country very far from your country. VPN is an advantage of privacy and security, making it one of the most effective ways to Adblock on Twitch. 

Use VPN to Adblock on Twitch
Use VPN to Adblock on Twitch

Use Adblock Browser

Use of Adblock Browser is another free and simple way of blocking ads on Twitch. There are many browsers like Opera and Brave that block third-party ads and tracking by default. These Browsers allow seamless navigation through Twitch without being disrupted by advertisements. But these Adblock Browsers are unable to block pre-roll and mid-roll ads.

Use Adblock Browser
Use Adblock Browser

These browsers work the same as any Adblock extension would work, but the software that is used is only till the browser level. This may lead to websites loading incorrectly or even breaking. The speed of these browsers are also comparatively slow, and dropping of the picture quality is a bit common in such browsers; therefore, it is necessary to know all their cons before using Adblock Browsers. Widely used Adblock browsers are Opera, Firefox, and Brave.

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Use TwitchIs

TwitchIs is an open-source platform that allows the streaming of Twitch in an embedded video. It is a third-party platform and has no formal affiliation till now. But there has been no case of breach of data privacy by the platform. It blocks all types of Twitch ads along with Channel points and Twitch Drops that are interaction-based rewards. But your access to the chats would not be restricted and will require Twitch account login details for the same.

Before deciding to use TwitchIs, certain things should be known. Firstly the ‘dark mode’ option is not available on TwitchIs. Along with that, by default, loading of the stream on 360p quality is not available, and setting the quality to 1080p is to be done manually. 

AdBlock on Twitch Using Twitchls
AdBlock on Twitch Using Twitchls

Use Different Platforms

Using an alternative platform can also be an effective way to get away with advertisements on Twitch. can be used as an alternative site to block all types of advertisements. But this platform has some restrictions; you cannot earn Channel points or Twitch Drops and can’t interact with streamer’s chat. Also, the ‘Purple Screen of Death’ also appears at different instances and doesn’t indicate if the account has been suspended or compromised. But despite all these restrictions, it still provides ads and a disruption-free stream viewing experience.

Twtich Purple Screen of Death
Twtich Purple Screen of Death

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Why does my Twitch Screen get Purple?
Answer: The Purple Screen that is often seen on Twitch while watching any stream may indicate that you’re not watching the live stream on the web or the service applications, or some irruptions are coming in the way of the streaming. Certain ad-blocking browsers often block the videos that are streamed on video-on-demand platforms. And when Twitch detects these blockers, it shows a purple screen as a signal.

FAQ 2: Why Ads are Important for Twitch?
Answer: Advertisements are very important for Twitch as they are one of the major sources of revenue for Twitch. Just like youtube, Twitch plays ads before the video, in the middle, and at the end of the video. These are pre-roll, and mid-roll videos that generate the maximum amount of revenue and hence are placed according to the type of feed the user is watching.

FAQ 3: What to do When Adblock on Twitch is not working?
Answer: Twitch users often face the problem of Adblocks not working, and this can be because of an outdated Adblock extension. Sometimes these Adblock extensions might not seem to work if Twitch directly places advertisements on its platform. This problem can be fixed by updating the browser and also by enabling the settings in the browser extension.

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This is all about Adblock on Twitch. We hope you got all the methods to Adblock on Twitch. If you find this article informative, then do share it with your friends and stay connected with us for more guided articles on Twitch.

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